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Sessions proposals

SESSION PROPOSALS: Call is closed. Deadline was October 10th.

At RC21 Conferences, sessions are organized by individuals or groups of scholars that propose a particular topic under the umbrella of the general theme of the conference. Session organizers (convenors) will participate in the process of abstract selection for their sessions and the exact process for this will be discussed with the Local Organizing Team. Convenors chair their respective session(s), and can select discussants. Convenors should not submit abstracts to their own sessions. There are three types of sessions that can be proposed:

1. Panels: 4 to 5 paper presentations in a 90-minute session, in which presentations by authors last for 10‐15 minutes, followed by discussion. Papers are distributed by the panel conveners directly to other presenters. In case of a high number of papers eventually submitted to a specific panel, more than one session may be allocated to a panel.

2. Round‐tables: Discussions where sets of four or five speakers are selected and invited by conveners to discuss for 5‐10 minutes, on a theme proposed by them. The discussion after the first round involves invited speakers and other attending participants.

3. Book discussions (“authors meet critics”): A limited number of sessions will be of this type. The Conveners here will be responsible for inviting authors and a set of participants who will discuss a book or a set of books on a given theme.

Limits on Participation. You are limited to two appearances in the conference: one paper, and one other role such as a panelist or session chair, or any combination of these.

Important. All panel sessions and roundtables have to be organized as open sessions. No session shall be limited to members of an existing project or network.

See the general theme of the conference here. Upload your session proposal as a PDF document in the link below. The PDF document should contain the title of the session, the description of the session proposal, and the identification (names and affiliations) of the organizers, in no more than 500 words.

*Note: the form requires to be logged in into a Google account.

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