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Panel 64. The challenges of participatory practices. Contextualities, governance criticalities, (dis)empowering solutions


  • Yuri Kazepov, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna,


Participatory practices have been considered more and more as one of the possible solutions against weakening representative democracies aiming at reinvigorating the deliberative momentum through the increased involvement of citizens. However, this is not always easy. The hype of participation must face multiple complexities and challenges. From the self-selection bias (who is participating), to the specific contextual conditions which might favour or hinder participation like specific socio-economic constraints (who is paying), or specific institutional frames that enabling or constraining governance arrangements at multiple territorial levels (who is deciding), etc. In this session we would like to address the transformative potential of citizen participation in local participatory practices, disentangling their analytical elements and understanding the challenges they must face and the solutions – both positive and negative – they have found. In particular, we welcome comparative and empirically informed papers that are able to understand under which conditions participatory practices produce specific effects on participation.

Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social.

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