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Panel 58. Henri Lefebvre: Recent Developments in Theory, Research and Practice


  • Christian Schmid, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Monika Streule, LSE London, United Kingdom


For several decades, Henri Lefebvre’s theory of the production of space has been an important source for theory, research and action across the world. However, a broader dialogue between activists, researchers and theorists across different contexts and perspectives has developed only recently. Since the turn of the century, the concept of the right to the city has been used in many places as a rallying cry and a broad framework for the conceptualization of urban action and struggle. But Lefebvre’s theory has much more to offer, because it is not just a collection of concepts and terms. It is a general theory of the production of society in space and time that allows us to think of society in its spatial and temporal context at various scales and levels. It asks for investigations that challenge and renew extant methodologies and forms of theory building while encouraging de-centered perspectives on the urban. Lefebvre’s transductive procedure and his open-ended dialectical method want us to include our everyday experiences in developing theory, and thus to keep our thinking constantly in motion. Therefore, Lefebvre’s theory can only be developed further in dialectical interaction with both practice and research. It also requires ongoing dialogues with other currents of theory and practice.

This panel session invites contributions from different fields of study that explore spatio- political struggles, urbanization processes and their socioeconomic and ecological implications, and emancipatory imaginaries from Lefebvrean and related perspectives. We also encourage to propose contributions on and discussions of recently published work that engages with Lefebvre’s thought in theoretical endeavors, research and practice.

Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social.

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