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Panel 21. Liberation without revolution?: The spatialization of resistance and the construction of alternative logics, structures, and life worlds


  • Delario Lindsey, Assistant Professor, Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Marymount University, USA)
  • Matt Bakker, Associate Professor (Marymount University, USA)


The historical impact of structures of domination, such as racial capitalism and coloniality, have engendered a range of social movement strategies and actors challenging these structures, their epistemic foundations, and the exploitations and injustices associated with them. Radical thinkers, from the post-Marxist, feminist geographers J.K. Gibson-Graham to the historical sociologist Cedric Robinson, have identified a range of historical antecedents, contemporary examples, and future possibilities for the creation of spaces of liberation existing both within and outside of political and economic territorialization. Drawing inspiration from this scholarship, this panel invites papers interrogating community practices and collective experimentations around the world that are creating de-linked, anti-systemic spaces fostering the construction of alternative futures in the here and now. Potential topics could include:

  • Case studies focused on the spaces and practices of mutual aid and commoning as alternative forms of social organization that can take primacy over established market-mediated social relations;
  • Research that furthers our understanding of the anti-systemic potential of spaces such as land occupations, quilombos, and other autonomous territories;
  • Historical scholarship on the practices of escape, exile, marronage, and the urban-rural interface;
  • Theoretical pieces critically addressing debates over the sites and scales of transformative agency within the broader world-system and hierarchy of urban spaces.

Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social.

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