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Panel 10. Whiteness and cities


  • Karim Murji, University of West London,
  • Macarena Bonhomme, Universidad Autónoma de Chile,


In this session, we invite papers that engage with contemporary expressions of Whiteness in cities. Studies have revealed how politics are imprinted in cities and how spatial configurations can produce symbolic boundaries, shaping people’s sense of belonging and social interactions. Not only politics but also everyday practices and interactions can transform city spaces into spaces of encounter or, rather, conflict. Studies have shown that processes of racialization and othering often materialise in public spaces in multicultural cities which receive international or internal migrations. Critical studies of Whiteness have often concentrated on the Black/White nexus, particularly in North America and Europe, examining European subjectivity and its relationship to power, and the hierarchies it constructs. At the same time, a range of existing studies have examined the emergence of chocolate/cappuccino cities in the Global North, and growing literature has explored the materiality of Whiteness in the Global South, particularly in Latin America. For this session, we invite papers on critical studies of Whiteness that explore the ways in which cities provide a space that constructs, enables, and challenges configurations of Whiteness. We especially welcome contributions of cities and scholars of the Global South and the intersections and crossovers between cities in the North and the South. We welcome analyses that examine the privileges of Whiteness and forms of White domination that centre the intersections of race, space, and class.

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